The Shape of a New Thing to Come is a monthly podcast that celebrates the intersections between punk, hardcore, and new faith communities.

Jason Evans, Daniel So, and Adam Baker never knew one another growing up, but they did listen to a lot of the same bands. Whether it was in Michigan, California, or Ohio, they were learning about being welcoming, celebrating diversity, building community, seeking justice, and sharing creativity through obsessively reading liner notes and lyrics, going to punk and hardcore shows, and playing in punk and hardcore bands. Along the way, their faith was also being shaped, leading eventually to all three becoming involved with church ministry and developing new faith communities. Punk and hardcore have always sought to affirm and give voice to those on the margins of culture, so it makes sense that Jason, Dan, and Adam have ended up connecting easily with those on the margins of faith.

In each monthly episode of TSOANTTC, Jason, Dan, Adam, and a special guest geek out together about the music they’re listening to, the new faith communities / expressions of faith that are inspiring them, and the incredibly fun, often hilarious connections experienced by those who love and listen to punk, hardcore, and more. Click here to listen.

With each episode, we create a Spotify mixtape for all the bands and songs we discuss.

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