An Introduction

tsoanttc-narrow-1This new podcast title is a nod to Refused‘s The Shape of Punk to Come, as well as, Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch‘s book The Shaping of Things to Come.

In this brief introduction, we announce a new monthly podcast, The Shape of A New Thing to Come, co-hosted by Adam Baker and Dan So. Check out the Facebook page for more.

Adam Baker is an associate pastor at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church and also co-hosts another podcast, Instructions for Living a Life. (TwitterInstagramFacebook)

Dan So is a co-pastor of Anchor City Church and leads Cyclical San Diego. (TwitterInstagramFacebook)

Jason Evans is a missioner for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and host of A New Thing podcast. (TwitterInstagramFacebook)

Dan and Jason wrote a series of articles on faith and punk rock during Advent called, Out of Step.

Jason mentions A New Thing Ep. 2 with Dan So.

You can listen to The Shape of A New Thing To Come everywhere podcasts are found! Please leave us a review and a rating to let us know how we’re doing, and be sure to share the podcast with a friend.

Special thanks to Matt Traxler and Steadfast Records for the use of Brandtson‘s music.

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